03 April 2015

Crazy Ribbon Horse Show 2015

Crazy Ribbon Show 2015

Carus and Scout had a good first show together.  No ribbons were won this time, but loads of experience was gained and fun was had.  They both did really well.

I was so nervous and wound up and worried for her safety. There were so many horses in the warm-up arena and some of the events were PACKED and I was so scared she or Scout would be hurt.

They did great.  Carus watched out for his blind side.  He didn't flip out at any of the new stuff he was experiencing, nor at not being able to see.  He was a bit of a lookie-loo, turning his head and occasionally his body around trying to see what was going on.  She kept her seat nicely and he had a slow jog when needed; both things that have been a bit elusive to Carus lately.

And he was so pretty!  Karen (his owner) picked up Carus the day before the show and they had a little trail ride and then they scrubbed a winter's worth of mud and muck off of Scout and he was so bright and white! He had several people comment on how clean he was - often fellow white horse owners. They know the struggle!

It was a looooong day, but really good.  Carus is happy with their performance and knows what she wants to work on for the next show.  Geneva was a god-send! She hauled Scout, helped with last minute touch ups on Carus and Scout (white attracts dirt!), she helped Carus feel prepared, and me feel Carus was safe.

When we got back to the barn I took a few more photos (the one above) and Carus let Scout loose in the arena.  He took off at full speed to the other end to see Luke and Texas who were being curious over the arena wall, then spun around and immediately laid down for a good roll.

Next show is the beginning of May.

Slideshow of the day.

02 April 2015

Project 52 - Weeks 11 and 12 - Letters and Food

I totally half-assed these two themes. I only found a small number of Letters to work with the theme and then I went back to photographing the tree blossoms while they are around. 


"Z" or Backwards "S"

(If only it wasn't tagging. If you're gonna tag - make it pretty and not just a 'gang' call sign.)

The white blossoms are really striking.  Especially with the beautiful blue skies we got in abundance in March.  I know we need the rain - and the mountains need snow - but I have been really enjoying our unusually warm and dry winter/early spring.  

Even though the white blossoms are gorgeous, I adore the pink ones 10 times more. It's such a soft, happy pastel pink.  The pink trees seem to have blossoms longer than the white ones too, which makes it easier to admire them.  

Originally with the theme Food I envisioned making at least one delicious meal or dessert and trying to properly photograph that.  

Instead I played with my fajita peppers after Grandpa Alan's Mexican restaurant birthday dinner.  And then documented it with my cell phone and Instagram.  

A photo posted by Rebecca C (@smiles4u2have) on

A photo posted by Rebecca C (@smiles4u2have) on

A photo posted by Rebecca C (@smiles4u2have) on

Next theme:  Red

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16 March 2015

Beach Trip - Girls only!

A few weeks ago Barb took me and Carus (and Yoda) to the beach for a girls only beach day.

It was gorgeous! We stopped in Tillamook at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and we perused their gift store while eating some really good ice cream.  Then we went down to Lincoln City to walk along the beach for a bit before grabbing a late lunch/early dinner and heading home.  It was a really lovely day.  Thanks for taking us, Barb!





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15 March 2015

Project 52 - Week 10 - Look up

This theme worked well with spring and all the trees blooming.  

Looking up from ground level or...

...from standing.

A blooming tree at the barn.  All the trees around here are blooming.  It's officially spring.  

After I finished photographing the blossoms I switched to the barn cats.

Kitty photo bomb.



Rascal and Buddy.

And then it was time to photograph Carus and Scout.  She's working on a few things in preparation of their first show at the end of this month.  

Looking up at Carus while trying to keep Scout from licking my camera.

It makes him look really tall, huh?

Muffin again.

Week 11's theme is Letters

Project 52 - Week 8 - Long Exposure

I need to work on my waterfall photos...

Since it was day time and the sun kept coming out from behind clouds, I wasn't able to do any super long exposures. But I do plan on going back sometime.  This one is the longest at 3 second exposure.

The rest are less than 1 second exposures.  These all were lower little falls leading up to Little Lee Falls which is where I was planning on going. But then I got out there, found out that it was an additional 5 mile hike round trip and realized I wasn't prepared for that long of a hike especially considering I would have stopped along the way to take photos.  

I will go back, and make it to Little Lee Falls.

This is just a pathway I hiked through that I really liked.  Oregon has some beautiful forests.

The access road I started on towards the falls.  I couldn't drive on it. Well, technically I could if I wanted to risk getting locked in there.  I think there is another outlet along that road, but not completely sure and I'd rather not risk it.

I want to go back to this pool this summer.  It was LOVELY and had a little pebble beach.

Hanging moss

This theme was a few weeks ago, and the following theme was laughter and I ended up just skipping that week.  The past week, week 10 is Look Up. 

26 February 2015

Project 52 - Week 7 - Negative Space

The theme for week 7 - February 13-19th - was Negative Space.

 I forced the kids to help me with this one a bit and I'm glad I did.  This is my new favorite photo of them.  They were done posing for me and were making faces at me and each other and just generally being their goofy selves while I snapped away.  

I really love Carus's hair.  

Adam's superhero pose.  

 While half the country is still dealing with mounds of snow and wintery winter, spring appears to have come early to us in the other half.  I don't know if we'll have a relapse back into winter like we usually do after the yearly spring tease - but it feels like we won't.  The air has changed from winter to spring so maybe we'll be . . . lucky?  Do you notice a change in the air with the change of the seasons too? Or am I just a weirdo? 

My daffodils and violas are making an appearance.  My Camilla bush is blooming and there are buds on lots of other bushes and trees. I've started working in the garden to get it ready too.  We removed the last of the dead plants, some carrots I forgot to pull, and brought in some soil to level the ground. Robert built me two more garden boxes and we put some yard fabric down which will cover with bark mulch to help with weed control in the aisles this year. I need to get soil for the new beds and fertilizer for the older beds and then I can start planting. Even if I start now and we do have a winter relapse I think the plastic coverings will help keep things growing.  

The fields surrounding town are all green with new growth.  I believe this is a wheat field - but I could be wrong. 

Here is the full picture that previous one was cropped from.  While the cropped and edited version is more true to the negative space rules, I like this one too.  

A field of spring surround by trees of winter. 

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The next theme is:  Long Exposure

21 February 2015

Project 52 - week 6 - Tiny

The theme for week 6, which was February 6th to 12th, was Tiny.  

This should have been so easy except for the fact I was being lazy and uninspired and blah blah blah

BUT! I did find a tiny, smushed snail shell in the driveway....


...and a tiny flower.

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Next theme:  Negative Space

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